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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahimn

(By the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful)

         lo copyDear students and respectable guardians, Assalamu Alaikum (May the bliss of  almighty Allah be upon you) Heartiest welcome to Uttara Medical Institute. It is often said in our society the great number of our population is a curse. Naujubillah; (May Allah save us from the evils). We do not want to accept the idea because human being the best creation of Allah cannot be a curse. If we are able to train our vast population in a planned procedure, they will not be a curse, rather manpower to our country. Verses from our favorite poet Quazi Nazrul Islam “Agrapathik “ also echo the aspirations to build up a new,  nice nation  where nobody will suffer wrong treatment.

“Get ready, my brothers, where have you gone?

Don’t make more delay, march on”

 Actually it is a clarion call from his part to our young generation to build up a nice and oppression free society. millions of people in the world are victim of wrong treatment because of the ignorance  of the doctors. Many  people are receiving an untimely death. To stop this disaster in medical sector, The government of Bangladesh has  initiated diploma course in medical technology under the  technical education board which has opened the gateway of  medical training and many more facilities. keeping this view in mind we have established UTTARA MEDICA INSTITUTE . Though in a small scale, we hope it will strengthen  the base of the nation and turn the vast population in to wealth. There is great employment  opportunity  in Bangladesh as well as in  other countries for the medical technologists as they are needed for the lest and diagnosis  of diseases honorable opportunity of employment by devoting himself / herself to the suffering humanity. Anyone can join medical profession after passing the SSC/ DHAKIL exam of the equivalent . Our sole purpose is  to turn our new generation  into skilled manpower through the proper direction of  UTTARA  MEDICAL  INSTITUTE .

 Wishing you every success


Muhammad Faruque Zaman